Recommended for foreigners Sapporo Beer garden, Kirin beer area is the best because

2019 Sapporo Odori beer garden has started. Beer Garden is held from July 19 to August 14.Beer Garden is one of the most popular events in Sapporo.

However, I think that foreigners can not go to the beer garden because they can not speak Japanese.

However, I am writing this article because I want people who have come to sightseeing in Japan in a great deal, and I want them to experience the beer garden.

If you go to the beer garden first, we recommend the Kirin beer area because..

  • There are many young people in their twenties and thirties, and they are very lively.
  • The clerk who works at Kirin Beer responds frequently.
  • The menu you can eat with Kirin Beer is delicious.
  • There are many foreigners, so you can listen in English if you are in trouble.

The atmosphere in the Kirin beer area is very nice

Foreigners cherish the atmosphere very much when drinking alcohol.

Foreigners prefer to have a lot of people and liveliness.

The atmosphere is very good and popular with Japanese people, so a lot of people gather in the Kirin beer area and it is the most popular.

The service of the clerk is also very good

There are a lot of foreigners coming to the Kirin beer area, so there is no need to worry too much.

If you don’t know how to order, there are many foreigners so you can ask.

The beer in the Kirin beer area is also delicious and the food is very good.

When I ask for a menu, what matters most is whether there is an English menu.

This is recommended because it is written in English in the menu properly.So,don’t worry.

  • Kirin Ichiban Shibori            500ml 570en 700ml 800en
  • Kirin Ichiban Shibori black  500ml 570en 700ml 800en
  • Half & Half                          500ml 570en 700ml 800en
  • Kirin Ichiban Shibori frozen           570ml 820en
  • Kirin Ichiban Shibori black frozen 820en
  • Hartland beer 45ml                       620en
  • Kirin ichiban shibori Balloon beer pitcher 3,500ml 4,100en
  • Kirin ichiban shibori Tower beer pitcher 6,000ml 6,900en
  • Heineken Extra cold                                    400en
  • Smirnoff ice                                                  400en
  • whitehorse highball                                      400en
  • Honshibori orange J.spirites cocktail           350en
  • Kirin the strong hard cola J.sprites cocktai  350en
  • Hyouketsu Lemon J.spirits cocktail             350en
  • Hyouketsu Grapefruit J.sprits cocktail         350en
  • “KIRIN namacha” Green tea             160en
  • “KIRIN LEMON” Lemon soda           160en
  • “KIRIN gogono koucha” Tea             160en
  • “KIRIN sekai no Kitchen kara SALTY LITCHI”salty litchi juice 160en
  • “KIRIN mugicha”Roasted barley tea 130en
  • “KOIWAI Apple juice                         160en
  • “KOIWAI Orange juice”                     160en
  • “KIRIN Mets grapefruit soda             160en
  • “KIRIN Guarana” Hokkaido Coke     160en
  • “KIRIN namacha decaffe”Non caffeine Green tea                     160en
  • “Tropicana100%Mango & pineapple”Mango& Pineapple juice 130en

Non-Alcohoric Drink

  • “Kirin Zero Ichi” Non-alcoholic beer 350en
  • Grilles Cajun chicken            780en
  • Grilled potato with butter       500en
  • Grilled deep-fried tofu           580en
  • Deep-fried chicken                630en
  • “Yakisoba”Fried noodles       580en
  • Cabbage and salty dressing 450en
  • Grilled Iberico pork               1,200en
  • Grilled beef tongue with Japanese leek 1,680en
  • Grilled rice ball (2pieces)         320en
  • Boiled green soybeans            500en
  • French fries                              500en
  • Assorted yakitori ( Stickroast & tsukune meatballs) 1,180en
  • Pizza margherita                      980en
  • Source Genghis Khan              880en
  • Salad chicken with Sichuan pepper source 630en
  • Fried shrimp with tartar sauce  660en
  • Sausage & mashed potatoes    850en
  • Cheese pizza                            980en
  • Boiled octopus                          550en
  • Shell called tsubu                     650en
  • Chinese meat dumplings          630en
  • Spicy octopus fish guts pickled 580en
  • French fries with flavor mayonnaise 500en
  • Cold asparagus                         550en
  • Cold tomato                               500en
  • Pickled cucumber                      500en
  • Avocado and shrimp kale salad 720en
  • Bacon & lettuce salad                680en
  • Pineapple              350en
  • Sweet potato stick 380en
  • Boiled green soybeans            500en
  • Cold asparagus                         550en
  • Cold tomato                               500en
  • Pickled cucumber                      500en
  • Avocado and shrimp kale salad 720en
  • Boiled octopus                          550en
  • Shell called tsubu                     650en

The beer I drank this time is Kirin Ichiban Shibori frozen

It was written that the menu kept cold for 30 minutes, so I ordered whether it was true or not. In fact, it’s recommended that you drink it, as it’s cold on the menu, and enjoy it with a delicious beer.

The food I ordered with beer is grilled squid.

The taste is very rich and it is a Japanese style that matches beer very much.

How to order beer and food

  1. Decide where to sit first.
  2. Order beer and food at the ticket counter.
  3. I get a ticket
  4. Food is received at the food counter in exchange for tickets.
  5. go back to my seat
  6. Drink tickets are handed over to standing clerks
  7. The clerk brings me a drink.

Kirin beer area information

It is open from 12 o’clock to 21 o’clock.(LO20:45)

Place : Odori Nishi 7-chome